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His normal appearance is a black mass with red eyes and tentacles. Eternal blue complete came with an extensive assortment of packaging. Welcome to the englishjapanese differences section for lunar. Lunars fate lies in the hand of another young boy, by the name of hiro and his cute and trusty little friend, ruby.

Alice, a young girl that hiro and ruby befriend, is being chased by ghaleon and xenobia for reasons unknown, and it is up to hiro and his friends to protect her. As if to prove her point, the dark god zophar shows up and puts a curse on lucia, depowering her. Eternal blue, the sega cd version is preferable for those who like longer, more brutal dungeons and dont mind the added difficulty from the localization but for those whod rather play for the story, the 32bit version is the way to go, in spite of. Second, lunar 2 has the whole save the world thing going on tenfold, and does it very well. This disclaimer may never be separated from this guide. Download all files as mp3 143 mb download original music files 81 mb paused. Eternal blue complete brings the magical tale of hiro, lucia, and their friends to the playstation with updated visuals and minor gameplay tweaks. An adventurous youth and the main protagonist of lunar 2. A wonderful game for any fan of anime, rpgs or just plain good storytellin lunar 2. The game utilizes studioquality red book audio for one of the two vocal songs.

A thousand years have passed since dragonmaster alex destroyed ghaleon and rescued luna. Eternal blue is a traditional roleplaying video game featuring two dimensional. Eternal blue expanded the story and gameplay of its predecessor, and. Lunar 2 takes place a thousand years after lunar 1, and centers on a teenaged treasure hunter named hiro, who is fascinated by the lunar worlds epic past in short, the events of. The lunar games, made by game arts and published in the united states by working designs, and later, ubisoft and xseed games, are a series of console rpgs. One of the five discs inside the gargantuan box was a soundtrack. She denies the book s statement that absolutely none of the vile tribe would prefer a peaceful coexistence with the rest of humanity. Silver star story complete gave us, the fact that the remake is pretty much the same game is disappointing. Eternal blue faqwalkthrough playstation by sybillium. Welcome to the englishjapanese differences section for lunar 2. Zophar the games principal villain, a longdormant evil spirit who is. The enemies are sharing battle animations and the icons for status changes.

On the other hand, the remake does add a lot of fluff and flab the game just doesnt need. No, lunar 2 wont impress anyone with its likewise oldschool graphics, but. Eternal blue on the playstation, faqwalkthrough by sybillium. Several books throughout silver star story foreshadow eternal blue. But, will he have the strength to confess his feelings towards her or. Eternal blue scd game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Youll interact with exciting new characters, fight vividly animated.

So if youve got the time, please go check out some of my other works which include titles such as. Eternal blue online with sega cd browser emulation for free. Journey to distant lands in the search of the goddess althena, who may be the only one powerful enough to stop. The game was originally released in december 1994 in japan, and later in north america in september 1995 by working designs. Now, many years after the first adventure, althenas guidance is once again needed by the world of lunar as it is in danger once more. Alice is from the eternal bluebased childhoods end manga, which occurs three years after the events of eternal blue, and has relevance to phacia and the vile tribe. Eternal blue expanded the story and gameplay of its predecessor, and made more use of the sega cds hardware, including more detailed graphics, longer, more elaborate animated cutscenes, and more extensive use of voice acting. That, and, well, after the huge changes that lunar. Lunar 2 ost remastered omni zophar complete youtube. Eternal blue is oldschool roleplaying goodness at its very best. Twentyfour tracks from the playstation game, with much. Fullsize, wearable lucias pendant twosided game map 17 cardboard mini character standees thank you for choosing this lunar 2 guide. Eternal blue is a roleplaying video game developed by game arts and studio alex for the sega cd as the sequel to lunar.

Eternal blue complete by gamearts in exchange for eternal beauty and youth, she aids the games main antagonist, zophar, by impersonating the goddess althena at the city of pentegulia. Zophar book character, person, fictional character. Hiro aspires to be an archaeologist and is fascinated by stories of the valor of dragonmaster alex and other heroes of old. The manga is not available in english, but lunarnet has a full translation here. Lunar 2 ost remastered omni zophar complete duration. Eternal blue complete, english version released by working designs. And were the people of althenas chosen all consumed so that zophar could. Eternal blue complete is a wonderful rpg that was groundbreaking in its day, with over an hours worth of handdrawn animation, spoken dialogue and an intricateyetuserfriendly combat system. Theres a whole series of books in eternal blue which details what happened to the cast after the first game, and a number of returning locales. Eternal blue is particularly known for their creative approach. Eternal blue, however, improves upon the game in almost every way with a more mature storyline, better developed characters, a better soundtrack, and an improved menu system that does away with the more cumbersome aspects of silver star storys system. Only the goddess althena is powerful enough to stop zophar.

The prologue details the somewhat hilarious story about the birth of nalls daughter alana. Eternal blue codex gamicus humanitys collective gaming. Lunar the silver star scd sega mega drive genesis vgm langrisser ii sega mega drive genesis vgm. Fake althena is a secondary antagonist in the fantasy rpg lunar. Eternal blue for the sega saturn and its updated rerelease on play station, lunar 2. Eternal blue game script playstation by shotgunnova. Lunar threads the official lunarnet discussion community forums. Eternal blue, in handwriting found in a book within the vane library. And then moves onto the story, summed up by its title.

The localization process for rpgs is always intensive, and lunarnet brings you the most complete list todate on the differences between the versions. The game begins with lucia asleep in a crystal and hiro hanging. Tss, eternal blue returns to the classic world that now has another crisis on its hands. Takes place during the time between zophars defeat and the epilogue of lunar 2. Zophar allowed hiros party to humanize lucia enough so that she could not bring herself to cast the ultimate spell on zophar, which would have destroyed lunar as well. While jean, ronfar, and lemina train to fight zophar, a demoralized hiro is confronted by. Eternal blue complete is a damn good game, and a good version of lunar eb. The story this time focuses on young hiro, an archaeologist fascinated with the stories of ages past. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options.

Zophar is the god of destruction whose only purpose is to spread evil across the universe. The evil god zophar is scheming to come back and inhabit, and eventually, destroy lunar, having done so previously to the blue planet. Eternal blue takes place years after the original, after most of the original heroes have long passed on. Eternal blue, runa etanaru buru is a roleplaying video game developed by game arts and studio alex for the sega cd as the sequel to lunar. Spoiler alert below for those of you who have not beat the sega cd eternal blue i saw some time back someone in a random lunar related thread here made a post about how they remembered that a gamepro issue in the mid90s had a miniguide for beating the sega cd eternal blue. Eternal blue, youll play the part of hiro, who, with the adorable ruby at his side, will try.

Eternal blue the evil god who tried to destroy the world. The original releases of the silver star and eternal blue, for mega cdsega cd, were later remade for the sega saturn with considerable story, graphical, and musical changes. Good godgoddess is intensified with the growing powers of zophar, while hiro and lucia search for the goddess althena and her holy city, pentagulia. One of the most hardest boss to beat in my book took me several. Yeah, is there a reason you didnt include the other sprites of dung beetle in the tileset with the individual sheet.

Zophar, but im certain lucia will try to free the four dragons you have sealed to save althena. Portions of this guide may not be cut out andor altered, or used in any type of publication, newsletter, magazine, book or guide. From the story to the simple battle system, it doesnt bore players with the details that can make newer roleplaying games unbearable. Ill go downstairs and find a book that tells us how to break the curse. Zophar returns ghaleon looked around as he stood in the white dragon cave. Eternal blue or get the best tradein value for playstation. Eternal blue, the remake of lunar 2 for saturnplaystation and all its translations. After reuniting with lucia on the blue star, hiro takes some time to think over his thoughts, ever since his first encounter with her and the times that hes had when he laid his beautiful eyes on her. Fake althena lunar the female villains wiki fandom. Create a backlog, submit your game times and compete with your friends. In these three cases its not a problem everybody uses the same hit effect, but it could be difficult for further sheets.

The silver star was a charming if somewhat derivative jrpg with memorable characters and a fun story. Eternal blue, youll play the part of hiro, who, with the adorable ruby at his side, will try to unlock the secrets of the blue spire and the odd young girl kept inside. The book said that some people think that the story of tabens peak is a fairy tale. He lives at a research outpost in the salyan desert with his grandfather gwyn and his best friend ruby.

The localization process for rpgs is intensive, and working designs responsible for the localization of lunar. Zophar attacked the blue star millenia ago, corrupting its inhabitants by feeding. Images of the voice actors who play the voice of zophar in lunar 2. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search.

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