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Share your own funny and best stories about this postthread below in the. Some movies have holes in the plot that you could drive through with a mack truck. An important plot point in the book and the film is that charles calthrop thought to be the jackal, at that stage played some mysterious part in the 1961 assassination of rafael trujillo, the dictator of the dominican republic, and rumours of his involvement came to the attention of mi6 and special branch, leading to the accidental exposure of the jackals false passport. What other massive plot holes unresolved storylines from your favorite movies. The 20 biggest superhero movie plot holes of alltime. The plot falls apart if you think about it for more than a few seconds. There, he worked with max, a cab driver who drove him around the city to do the. The 10 biggest movie plot holes of all time, from star wars to toy. Still, that doesnt stop the evil robots of humanitys doomed future. Superhero movies are often known for having convoluted plots.

Share your own funny and best stories about this postthread below in. There were so many confusing and infuriating plot holes from movies that came out in the 2010s, so tell us yours in the comments below. Edwards friendless, and unable to grip anything so how did he get the. Top 10 movie plot holes you probably never noticed before. Our rundown of 50 plot holes and paradoxes in the movies continues, with a look at the mysteriously flimsy stormtrooper armour in return of the jedi, a. Bored panda has compiled a list of movie mistakes in some of the best movies out there, so scroll down below and see if your favorite one also has something that makes absolutely no sense in story writing. The film that gave us the best onscreen joker in the shape of heath ledgers deranged crook. But even allowing that, there are two pretty glaring plot holes in this movie. The first and most obvious problem of every superman movie, is his secret identity, clark kent. Even movies nearly everyone likes, like star wars i speak of episode iv, in case thats unclear, are occasionally rife with them. When the victims of the sniper are being killed in the beginning of the movie, they fall not the way they are supposed to. The 20 biggest superhero movie plot holes of alltime, revealed. Its an awesome thrill ride of a movie, but weve just got to say it.

Entire movies have been broken in half in order to land a heavy plot twist. There are plenty of movies that contain major plot holes. When the deputy reveals the series of interconnected serial murders, he doesnt inform about it neither the fbi, nor his sheriff or other agencies investigating. The strategy can be glorious soylent green is made out of people or completely miss the mark, invalidating. Armageddon is a big, dumb action movie, with an ever bigger, dumber plot hole at its heart. Im also thrilled that i didnt eat during the movie and annoy an entire theater. Well, its pretty simple really he probably only stuck it to the wall via the top and let. The avengers in the first thor movie, its established that earth is just one realm in the larger marvel universe, with asgardian visitors using a rainbow bridge also known as the bifrost to travel there and back. The avengers, batman begins, interstellar and much more. There are plenty of movies that contain major plot holes some of which are so obvious its painful.

Here is our list of 10 massive plot holes in popular movies. Like any good movie, a quiet place leaves some well, many questions unanswered. The empire strikes back luke goes to visit yoda and spends a good portion of the movie training to be. Edward likes to sculpt ice to pass the time since hes totally alone. Youll never be able to look at these iconic scenes the same way again. The film sees ben affleck, bruce willis and their oil. Oh, and dont forget vote for your favorites and share any interestingmovie plot holes that youve noticed yourself. Superhero disguises are usually pretty flimsy to begin with. In fact there is no mystery at all about the assassination of trujillo and there were no shadowy. Lots of movies like to cover up glaring plot holes with asskicking fights, huge explosions, and even huger explosions. Not even some of the greatest story plots are immune to plot holes, and while some are so minuscule that they can be easily ignored, others are so hard to forget.

There, he worked with max, a cab driver who drove him around. We turned to ranker for a list of 10 oscarnominated movies with plot holes you cant unsee. Here are some of the biggest gaping holes in films that are otherwise excellent. Scroll through for a list of films with the best plot twists we never saw coming. One of the most iconic moments in the movie happens. We asked you to cut through all that bullshit to bring us the dirt on some of our most favorite movies. The 12 biggest plot holes in film history london evening standard. Luke goes to visit yoda and spends a good portion of the movie training to be a jedi with.

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